65 nm asic bitcoin mining chip

Deep-Learning-Processor-List A list of ICs and IPs for AI, Machine 65 nm asic bitcoin mining chip and Deep Learning. Add news of Google TPU3 and Microsoft Brainwave. Add benchmark, MLPerf in Reference section. Add information from PEZY: First Use of TCI.

Add two benchmarks, DAWNBench and Fathom in Reference section. Add two optical AI computing company Lightelligence and Lightmatter . Add news from Alibaba and Facebook . Add Videantis in IP vendor section. Add Google announced the open beta of its TPU2. Add Amazon’s custom AI chip for future Echo devices. Intel is also planning in integrating into the Phi platform via a Knights Crest project.

As our Intel CEO Brian Krzanich discussed earlier today at Wall Street Journal’s D. 7nm FinFET in the 5th generation. MYRIAD 2 IS A MULTICORE, ALWAYS-ON SYSTEM ON CHIP THAT SUPPORTS COMPUTATIONAL IMAGING AND VISUAL AWARENESS FOR MOBILE, WEARABLE, AND EMBEDDED APPLICATIONS. X is the first VPU to feature the Neural Compute Engine – a dedicated hardware accelerator for running on-device deep neural network applications. Interfacing directly with other key components via the intelligent memory fabric, the Neural Compute Engine is able to deliver industry leading performance per Watt without encountering common data flow bottlenecks encountered by other architectures. Intel’s Loihi test chip is the First-of-Its-Kind Self-Learning Chip. The Loihi research test chip includes digital circuits that mimic the brain’s basic mechanics, making machine learning faster and more efficient while requiring lower compute power.