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By Richard Markoff and Ralf Seifert As the manufacturing industry enters into the fourth industrial revolution align commerce bitcoin mining the Industry 4. By Adrian Furnham Until recently the concept of office politics was exclusively associated with dirty tricks and Machiavellian manipulation.

By Ben Wilde Better supply chain visibility is what you need to safeguard your brand. Trends ranging from globalisation and social media to rising consumer demand for responsibly and sustainably produced goods have transformed the role of the supply chain. By Richard Markoff and Ralf seifert As part of the broader Industry 4. 0 trend, the digitalisation of supply chains is happening quickly. By Michael Gravier, Christopher Roethlein, and John Visich In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, supply chain leaders are being challenged by the profound effects of digital economy on the relationship between consumers and the supply chain. By Cory Searcy A growing number of companies are working to develop sustainable supply chains. A key challenge is to align their supply chain performance with the economic, environmental, and social thresholds that dictate whether it is sustainable or not.

By Joe Beccalori One of the most dreaded activities that executives have got to face is treading through an overwhelming amount of electronic messages. We found a number of principles that underpin their disclosure strategies: holistic understanding, supportive infrastructure, data requirement knowledge, essential information interpretation, strategic alignment, mitigating the information burden and communicating good news. By Richard Wilding Products are increasingly becoming commoditised, leaving customer service as one of the few remaining competitive differentiators. And in a world where customer-centricity matters more than ever, customer service-based metrics are more than just a box-ticking exercise: in a very real sense, they are milestones on the journey towards long-term survival and success. American electronic commerce and cloud computing company based in Seattle, Washington that was founded by Jeff Bezos on July 5, 1994.