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American classical macroeconomist, presently the Paul M. Research Department of International Monetary Fund in Washington, D. In June 2017 Polis announced that he is running for Governor bergstrom bitcoin Colorado in the 2018 election.

Polis is the son of Stephen Schutz and Susan Polis Schutz, founders of greeting card and book publisher Blue Mountain Arts. He was born at Boulder Community Hospital in Boulder, CO in 1975. AIS was an internet access provider and was sold in 1998. In 1996, he co-founded a free electronic greeting card website, Bluemountain. In December of that year, economist Dr. In 2000, Polis founded the Jared Polis Foundation, whose mission is to “create opportunities for success by supporting educators, increasing access to technology, and strengthening our community. Polis was named Outstanding Philanthropist for the 2006 National Philanthropy Day in Colorado.

At the time of his election, Polis had founded a number of companies and is one of the 10 richest members of the United States Congress. Together with Pat Stryker, Rutt Bridges, and Tim Gill, Polis is one of the four wealthy Coloradans sometimes called the “Gang of Four” who donate to liberal causes. In 2000, Polis was elected at-large as a member of the Colorado State Board of Education and served for a single six-year term until January 2007 when the district was eliminated. His election was one of the closest in Colorado history, as he defeated incumbent Ben Alexander by 90 votes out of 1. 8 million in bonds for the improvement and modernization of aging school facilities —the largest capital construction bond issue in the district’s history and the largest school bond proposal in Colorado that year.

Boulder Valley School District voters approved the measure. In 2014, Polis planned to champion two ballot measures which would have limited fracking in Colorado by banning drilling near schools and homes and by empowering communities to pass their own rules. However, he dropped the divisive measures after reaching a deal with Governor John Hickenlooper which will create a task force. The absence of the initiatives is seen as a relief to vulnerable Democrats who would have had to take controversial stances on the issue. Polis is currently the Red to Blue program chair for the DCCC, helping recruit and raise money for Democratic candidates in competitive congressional districts. Secretary of Agriculture to sell 40 acres of Forest Service land near Frisco, Colorado.

Act, in response to Congress redefining pizza as a vegetable. IDEA governs how states and public agencies provide early intervention for special education. Polis has also introduced the Computer Science Education Act, which helps provide job training for computing jobs, and the ACE Act, which would provide funding to improve outcomes for students in persistently low-performing schools, and to authorize school “turnaround grants. In 2015, during a back-and-forth exchange before the House Education and Workforce Committee’s Subcommittee on Higher Education and Workforce Training, Polis argued for schools to be able to use lower standards of evidence when deciding to expel students accused of sexual assault by stating, “If there are 10 people who have been accused, and under a reasonable likelihood standard maybe one or two did it, it seems better to get rid of all 10 people. Polis opposed the Iraq War saying that, “The invasion of Iraq was a colossal mistake and I opposed the war from the very beginning. Bush’s blunders, and the Democrats who gave him cover along the way, have left us without easy solutions for improving the situation. In the op-ed Polis also said, “The hippie in me bemoans the fact that we defeated the Iraqi military only to help them build an even stronger one that might one day be used against children and innocents, as often is the case.

When will all the killing end? Where have all the flowers gone? And they shall beat their swords into plowshares and they shall study war no more. Polis supports removing all troops from Afghanistan. Polis also took a Congressional Delegation trip to Afghanistan, meeting with the former Afghan Interior Minister Mohammad Hanif Atmar, US military officials and Diplomats. Along with the support of 35 members of the House, Polis has also called on the State Department to address violence against the LGBT community in Honduras. Polis has been a vocal opponent of the PATRIOT ACT.

In a letter to House Speaker John Boehner, Polis stated, “Mr. Polis voted against the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act, and is against Section 1021, which has drawn controversy about implications to detention policy. Polis has been an early critic of the War on Drugs, stating that “Just as the policy of prohibition failed nationally with alcohol – it’s now up to states and counties – I think we should do the same with marijuana. Polis is the leading sponsor of H. 499, or, the Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2013. Polis is currently one of seven openly gay members of the 113th Congress, and caucuses in the LGBT Equality Caucus. Polis is an original cosponsor of H.

116, or the Respect for Marriage Act. 116 repeals DOMA allowing marriage recognition for gay and lesbian couples in the US, the District of Columbia, and US territories. Polis voted for the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, which prohibited openly gay and lesbian members of the Military from serving. Along with 67 members of the House, in a letter to President Obama, Polis urged for the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. In a press release on the repeal of DADT Polis said: “The repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is a victory for the cause of equality and our national defense.

For too long, this wrongheaded policy prevented brave Americans from serving in our military and defending our country just because of who they love. Polis is also a supporter and cosponsor of the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. On the morning of September 18, 2014, Polis filed a discharge motion to bring the LGBT Employment Non-Discrimination Act to the floor of the House of Representatives for a proper vote. House Representatives Garamenedi, Holt, and Connolly joined Polis in support in filing the petition.