Bitcoin aliens cheat

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How Much Is Too Much Tomb Raider? Do We Need Next-Gen Sex Scenes? Is Jason Momoa the Perfect Kratos? Cheat mode Successfully complete the game on the indicated difficulty to unlock the corresponding cheats and bonuses at the “Extras” menu. Note: Enabling the “Infinite Ammo”, “Instagib”, or “Invincibility” cheat options will prevent Ego points and achievements from being earned. Overdrive mode Reach Level 40 in Multiplayer mode to unlock Overdrive mode. In this mode, all points earned are doubled with the exception of challenges.

You will also get 20 points each time an enemy is damaged. Microwaved rat In Chapter 2: “Damn! It’s Late”, there is a room with a microwave. Directly under the microwave is a cupboard that can be opened to find a rat. You can pick up the rat and put it in the microwave.

Note: This room is also shared with the Duke Nukem Fanboy. 300 reference Duke will say “Tonight, you dine in Hell” after a kill in the “Vegas In Ruins” chapter. This is a reference to 300, when Leonidas says “Tonight, we dine in Hell! Christian Bale reference In Chapter 2: “Damn! It’s Late”, after walking off the set, you will see an actor yelling at someone. He says things like “Do you want me to trash your mics?

This is a reference to when Christian Bale freaked out on the set of Terminator: Salvation. Dead Space reference In “The Hive” chapter, after you tickle the first door, turn to your left, and walk forward. Crouch to get under the bridge, and you will see a dead EDF Soldier with Isaac Clarke’s signature engineer helmet. Halo reference At the start of the “Vegas In Ruins” chapter, before you enter the building, there is a van with weapons.

The armor in the van is the same from Halo, other than the Nukem insignia on the helmet visor. Inception reference In the “Duke Nukem’s Titty City” chapter, enter the room where you can microwave the popcorn. Mortal Kombat reference In the Duke Nukem soundboard, there is an entry called “Fatality”. When you select it, Duke says “Duke wins, Fatality.