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Get exclusive analysis and cryptocurrency insights on Hacked. Alright, I will say a few words on behalf of the deceased before being officially laid to rest. Some would say that Apple Pay and Bitcoin are not competitors, but I’d bet to differ. Bitcoin’s primary application in the mainstream is as a currency and form of payment, which Apple Pay is, just without being a currency.

I have owned several Apple products since 2009 and am a big fan of their company and operating systems, once led by the late, great Steve Jobs. The Apple Pay concept was fairly sound if unoriginal. The outline should be recounted here for posterity since the vast majority of you have already forgotten the concept or passed on it outright. Back then, I said it was a fast train on the old railroad tracks, just looking to take people for a ride. If Apple Pay falls by the wayside, as the provided chart shows, Bitcoin has no real competition to wade through.

It grows through the market from the grass roots, organically, by word of mouth, as the Internet did 25 years before it. Either way, Bitcoin remains strong and viable both now, and in the future. Since the initial press blitz by Apple and the supporting corporations last fall, Apple Pay has had its issues with fraud cases. No businesses, industries, or even online forums have been built around it by consumers. The Internet itself grew from the bottom up. Word-of-mouth carried the Internet to global technology leadership.

It wasn’t cast down by multi-national corporations as this technology that you should use to enrich them. If your new tech is good, word will get around. Bitcoin didn’t have anyone writing press releases and media campaigns for it. In modern technology, you don’t really die in a literal sense, you are just forgotten and ignored until your maker puts you down. Five years from now, Bitcoin will be running the world of digital payment technology, while Apple Pay will simply be forgotten. The People are smarter, and more edcuated because of the Internet, than the establishment give them credit for. And an educated consumer is Bitcoin’s best customer.