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Laura Davies, of England, as she blasts out of a trap on the second hole during third round of the Wegmans Championship LPGA golf tournament in Pittsford, N. Laura Davies: ‘I built a golf course in my garden. For unlimited access to expert opinion and unrivalled insight from The Telegraph, join Premium today. Property Doctors: why isn’t my property selling?

University Of Birmingham Hold Degree Congregations. Bitcoin or shares in Amazon? Which is the best financial Christmas present for children? I bought the house next door and knocked it through.

Can I claim a stamp duty refund? Do you have to pay car park fines? I signed away my royalty rights. Sir John Lister-Kaye: ‘I don’t tip. 350 using a fake government website – why won’t Post Office refund the money? Retirement in the modern age: ‘Why am I still working at 70? Should you make the move to France?

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18- How quickly will the dollar collapse? This might seem a frivolous question, while the dollar still retains its might, and is universally accepted in preference to other, less stable fiat currencies. After all, the dollar’s role as the legacy trade medium is no longer appropriate, given that China’s trade is now driving the global economy, not America’s. People are hard to please these days. They’re quick to point out your faults and flaws, even if they’re guilty of the same derelictions.

The recently retired always seem to have the biggest axe to grind. Take Jack Lew, for instance. He started off the New Year by sharpening his axe on the grinding wheel of the GOP tax bill. The United States was founded on secession. It didn’t have to be violent, but it was. Was it the United States’ fault for insisting on more local governance?