Bruce schneier bitcoin mining

IC3, where I am a Co-Director. About The Blog This is a blog for everyday techies building real systems people use, and their still-with-it-and-technical Bruce schneier bitcoin mining. It’s a blog for thinking people who want to build better systems.

That often requires questioning current practices. Mostly, I build software, typically backed by some principled reason for why it should work as advertised. I’m currently a professor at Cornell University. I have worked hard to improve cryptocurrencies overall. I served as an expert witness in the U. Ittay Eyal and I have proposed 2P-PoW , a practical non-outsourcable puzzle scheme that can limit the size of open mining pools, while allowing individual miners to reduce their variance. I played a behind the scenes role in introducing set difference techniques that led to xthin blocks and other similar tricks.

I have also spoken to regulators to convince them of the value of a light touch when it comes to this nascent area. We identified multiple flaws in The DAO and urged a moratorium, prior to the hack. We discovered the DoS vulnerability in the proposed Ethereum DAO Wars soft fork, which would have been devastating for Ethereum. I have been working on scalable protocols for sharding blockchains, in connection with Vitalik and Vlad.