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Despite Turkish opposition, the Dutch Parliament has voted to recognize the Armenian Genocide. In a separate motion, the parliament required that a minister or state secretary attend this year’s commemoration of the genocide. Cantoni, Charles Low, Dean, Insubria, JD, Reader from Chicago, Seneca III, edward griffin bitcoin wiki all the other tipsters who sent these in.

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6 billion between 2016 and 2017. Hard-left social media users have spent the day viciously attacking the father of one of the victims of the horrific Florida school mass shooting over the fact that he wore a Trump 2020 t-shirt during an interview with a local news outlet. Hillary Clinton lost the US election was a pre-planned political operation by Google’s Eric Schmidt and Democrats. Google, Facebook and Twitter are currently working overtime to silence conservative voices online. Day after day we learn of another conservative voice that has been silenced or shadow-banned by the tech giants. Attkisson revealed how this was all a plot by the Democrat-media Complex to smear conservative news and eventually to put them out of business.

Apple’s recently revised file system, APFS, may lose data under specific circumstances, a maker of macOS backup software is warning. In a blog post on Thursday, Mike Bombich, creator of Carbon Copy Cloner, says that APFS sparse disk images fail to accurately track available free space, thereby allowing storage operations to continue when space to store the data isn’t there. To the user, the data appears to have been stored, but it isn’t. So it’s rather important that they both are Trump-hating fanatics, and one was being paid by Trump’s political opponent in a presidential campaign.

Steele is the author of the preposterous dossier that sparked the special counsel investigation, and Strzok is the FBI agent involved at every crucial turn of both the Trump and Hillary investigations. Donald Trump not get elected and was passionate about him not being president. Ohr’s wife worked for Fusion GPS, and, like Steele, was being paid by the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee. Police investigated an explosion Friday night at a house in Colorado Springs. It happened just east of downtown Colorado Springs in the 700 block of E. A fire broke out shortly after but was put out by 10:30 p.

Colorado Springs police said they received several calls reporting an explosion. When they arrived, they found heavy smoke coming from the house with the windows shattered. One man who was inside the house was taken to the hospital for minor injuries. Police also confirmed Saturday that one man was arrested.

Investigators could not immediately confirm if the man who was injured was the person arrested or if he was the only one inside the residence at the time of the explosion. The Colorado Springs Police Department’s Explosives Unit and the U. Officers said while there was no danger to the community, residents were asked to avoid the area for the investigation. NAFTA, but there were many more which I was unable to cover.

Therefore, let’s look at some of what I left out. Listening to the President’s recent speech to the Farm Bureau in Nashville, Tennessee, I was quite encouraged by his recounting of all the accomplishments of his administration in his first year. However, at one point I became somewhat apprehensive when he spoke of NAFTA. He made the statement that we are renegotiating NAFTA to make sure that our workers and businesses get a fair deal. The question arises, if he is only looking at NAFTA from the standpoint of economics, what would be fair for workers and business? What about our sovereignty, our independence, in short — our total liberty?

On the basis of all we have seen posted, this is something which has not been mentioned. And it makes me very suspicious, it worries me that any mention of the possibility of loss of American sovereignty is purposely being avoided. Because on top of all that, when compared to last year, the far-left cable channel has lost 30 percent of its primetime viewers and —23 percent of its total day viewers. Trump’s State of the Union address on January 30, 2018 highlighted his administration’s accomplishments during his first year in office, but it also revealed something else, that the Democrat Party is actually the Communist Party.