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Linda Park to Barry Allen after he revealed he is the Flash. Linda was reporting live from S. Labs right before they were going to turn their particle accelerator on. As they turned it on and it became unstable, she continued to report.

After Barry Allen and an intoxicated Caitlin Snow performed a duet at a bar, Linda Park complimented Barry’s singing. She then gave Barry her number and told him he could do what he wished with her number. Later on, she was picked up by Barry Allen at the Central City Picture News headquarters for a lunch date. After Iris made the front page Linda came to congratulate her.

Later she rejects Eric Larkin’s request to interview a football player who abuses steroids and hit his wife. During one of her shifts at night, a super villain named Dr. Light attacks her workplace and everyone escapes except for her, Iris, and Eric. The villain tells Linda of her plan to kill her and take over her life. Eric tries to stop her but Dr. Light accidentally kills him in the process. Light’s mask revealing herself to look exactly like Linda, who escapes shortly after.

Linda is shown to be outgoing. She is also very fast in relationships and dating as she was already making out with Barry on their second date when Barry had made plans for them to go out. Linda is also shown to be very emotionally mature and understanding, accepting that Barry’s romantic feelings are still towards Iris and ultimately she had a very civil and friendly break-up with him. She is also now good friends with Iris and has been shown to highly respect her as a writer. In the DC comics, Linda Park is the love interest of Wally West, the third Flash. Played by Olivia Cheng, she was seen on Barry Allen’s Central City Police Department laboratory television, reporting on the S. The Flash’ Star on Their Intriguing New Romance”.