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Is the Zombie Craze Finally Dead? What Is the Future of VR? How Much Is Too Much Tomb Raider? National Dex Defeat the Milotic bitcoin price Four.

Then, leave your house after the credits complete, and Professor Juniper’s father will upgrade your Pokedex to the National Dex. Amulet Coin: Unite the three dancers in Castelia City. Defeat the first one by the fountain, and he will ask you to find two other dancers. They are found on Narrow Street and a Unity Pier. Fight them, and then talk to them afterwards.

Go back to the fountain, and talk to the dancer in the middle to get the Amulet Coin, which increases the money you gain. Relocator option Go to the second floor of the building with the scientist that wants a password at Castelia City. Talk to him, and say “Everyone Happy”, then “Simple Connection”. Celebi to Pokemon Black or Pokemon White. Unity Tower Unity Tower is located in the oceans of Unova. To access it, do an international trade using the Geonet. Then, travel to Unity Tower by getting on the boat at the Unity Pier at Castelia City.

The Unity Tower tracks people from different countries available on the Geonet. You may talk to these people and track things about them. Wallpapers Defeat the Elite Four to unlock a new set of wallpapers. Defeat them again to unlock another set of wallpapers. Get a 49 Streak in both Super Single and Super Double Subway lines in the Battle Subway. Arceus: Give a plate to Arceus to have it change form.

Deerling and Sawsbuck: Deerling and Sawsbuck will change into their Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter forms depending on the current season based on the system time. Deoxys: Examine the meteor in the museum in Nacrene to cycle through Deoxys’ Normal, Attack, Defense, and Speed forms. Eevee: Fight enemies near the moss-covered stone in Pinwheel Forest to evolve into Leafeon. Audino Walk over to shaking patches of tall grass to have a chance to encounter Audino.

Note: Use Repel in grass to find shaking patches easier. Use the Liberty Pass to catch Victini in the dungeon of the tower at Liberty Garden. Zora Drop off a Zoroark and Lucario at the Pokemon Day Care, and their egg will be a Zora. Easy seasonal Pokemon and items To easily catch the Pokemon that show up in different seasons, instead of waiting for the season to change, simply change the system date under the DS settings to the desired month of the season you want it to be. Then, go to any zone, and it will be the corresponding season you changed the date to. You can now catch the different seasonal Pokemon and gain the seasonal items.

Easy experience Drop off any desired Pokemon at the Day Care Center on Route 3. For each step you take, your Pokemon in the Day Care Center will gain 1 experience point. Run back and forth on the Skyarrow Bridge twenty or more times, and your Pokemon should level-up a few levels by the time you are done. Repeat this process for any desired Pokemon. Note: Make sure you have a lot of money, as you must pay 100 coins each time your Pokemon levels-up.

After defeating the Elite Four, go to the Giant Chasm with two Blisseys in the back of your party. After encountering the Ditto, send in Blissey. Let the Ditto transform into Blissey, then switch out, and defeat the fake Blissey for easy experience. During the Victini event, after you defeat the Team Plasma members on your way to Victini, save the game.

Keep fighting Victini for 500 to 700 experience points. Note: Victini reappears every time you run away or accidentally defeat it. Easy money Once you defeat the Elite 4 for the first time during the story, you can travel the eastern side of Unova. From Nimbasa City, go east, and you will end up on Marvelous Bridge.