Pragcap bitcoin stock

pragcap bitcoin stock years in Wall Street, left after finding out it was all horseshit. Just in case you’re keeping track. And here’s how I was positioned during today’s SAAS trade. I’m long MDB and they’re reporting earning after the bell.

This is where you get off and enjoy the gains and celebrate the virility of Commodore Fly. All those riding with me into this dangerous and potentially ruinous report should know the risks. Mongo is a caged animal and wants to bust loose. Will it happen or will the stock Gods deny me? Tune in after the bell for the exciting conclusion. All of this was pure luck. I just happened to be at the right place just at the right time.

I take no credit, whatsoever, for these mountainous returns. Anyone could’ve done it — even a retard. You didn’t actually think I’d post charts did you? And I’m riding MDB into earnings tonight, and PVTL is shooting higher, and CBLK is getting virile and looking rapish, and SHAK continues its sojourn into a world filled with unicorns and marshmallow clouds of cocaine. I’ll sell when I’m good and ready.

Shit is about to get MONGO to the upside. The Dow is up nearly 300 and somehow I feel like we’re just getting started. This is what euphoria looks like. Remember these days good and well because the other side of this is apathy and bleakness — losses and fucking graveyards with assholes whistling by them. What are you doing with your portfolios? AUM and let’s see how long it takes for all of your clients to fire you.

I stepped in and bought PS this morning. Tonight I’m riding MDB into earnings — 14x sales, wilding out with 40 ounces of malted liquor, spinning my wheels on the faces of so many enemies, across vast swaths of clay. You’d be wise to not bet against me. Exodus, DMFRacer, recently passed, succumbed to cancer. I feel like we can make a difference in the lives of his children — a small kindness to offset all of the hurt they must be feeling now. If you want to donate, David’s wife set up a Gofundme page here.