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Global Markets:  After a largely positive start to the year, global markets traded mostly negative this past week, as profit taking and weak corporate earnings took center stage. Having traded higher for most January, U. In particular, a number pz0 bitcoin stocks in the NSE Insurance Index received notable interest this past week as investors swooped to acquire them at prices below N0. Equities:  The Nigerian equity market kicked off the trading week in the green as the NSE ASI gained 122bps on Monday.

The market posted further gains on Tuesday as buyers steered the NSE ASI to a 42bps gain. Bears however emerged at midweek, with the ASI slipping 34bps on Wednesday but went into in subsequent sessions as investors showed strong interest in select Tier II banking names. Fixed Income: Though the T-bills market opened the week with a slightly bearish bias, sentiment turned positive going into mid-week ahead of the CBN’s T-bills Primary Market Auction. N354 billion at the auction on Wednesday across the 91DTM, 182DTM and 364DTM bills at respective stop rates of 12. 210m across various segments of the market. Amidst this, the naira depreciated N0.

E FX Window to close at N360. What will shape markets in the coming week? Equity market: We note the renewed interest on select banking names at the end of the week, we expect this to filter into the start of the week head. We however foresee an overall mixed session as investors continue to cherry pick. Fixed Income market: Despite a slight improvement in system liquidity at week close, we expect yields to remain sticky in the T-bills market as the CBN likely resumes mop ups at week open.

Similarly, we anticipate further flat trading in the bond market. Currency:  We expect further CBN interventions in the coming week to sustain liquidity in the foreign exchange market. According to GUINNESS, this growth was supported by a c. Meanwhile, as consumer wallets remain pressured, cheaper priced products remain more favorable across the beer segment in H1’18. H2’18 given the mild topline outperformance and continued benefits from the expanded spirits portfolio. This material, and other digital content on this website, may not be reproduced, published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in whole or in part without prior express written permission from PUNCH.

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Gestpay API documentation aims to be a comprehensive and living catalog of Gestpay services. Our API is SOAP-based, so you must encode your requests in XML to communicate with Gestpay. For every service, we will present both the test and the production endpoints. Mainly used to build a customized payment page. Allows to control via a programmable interface many aspects of your transactions. To request the encryption service it is necessary to call the Encrypt method. The information containing the transaction result will be available by reading the information in the XML response file corresponding to the result of the transaction.

Encrypt is the main entrypoint for Gestpay. You must call Encrypt either if you want to use the standard payment page, or the custom iframe solution. These are non-mandatory fields, but are direct children of the Encrypt root. String containing specific information as configured in the merchant’s profile. See the next section for further explanations. Each field can be up to a maximum of 300 characters in length.