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My colleague and friend Jerry Nixon recently wrote an article on the top 10 reasons why he chooses XAML socket blockchain bitcoin HTML5 and it begged me for a reply. LINQ is like dreams and starlight.

But that’s not where I am right now. I’m moving on but not moving away. Sometimes it makes me feel like a coding cowboy and other times like I’m in its gallows. Skill ReadyI and about a kazillion other people in the world have gathered a ton of experience on the HCJ stack. Websites became applications as some point, and they became essential in the enterprise.

Instead of separating code into two roles, HCJ has three. This makes things like modifying the layout and style for different view states or devices as simple as swapping out the style sheet. DLR and I’ve used it in numerous real scenarios, and it’s some awesome functionality added to the language. 2012″ and voila I have a new property.

I’m thinking polymorphism, inheritance, type safety, etc. The fancier things like inheritance and even asynchronicity are implemented as patterns instead of as language features. This means they’re not baked in so they can be adapted to suit. I was newing up some sample data in both languages the other day.

But how do you select all of every third paragraph, the third element in the grid, or something like that. With a collection of style rules, I can style, animate, layout, add images, position things, and a ton more. With declarative CSS code I can make the same HTML view look entirely different. Style rules cascade down to the eventual screen element and allow a developer to set a style globally and then override that style locally given the need. There’s a JS library called LESS that extends CSS’s capabilities and allows me to set style variable and even do variable math. That way, the change of a single color variable will result in a complete change to my app’s color palette. JS apps means that Blend for Visual Studio can dynamically execute the application while you’re designing it.