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6 months and during this period, we have got many comments and some personal mails zebpay bitcoin chart well asking as to where have we disappeared. We simply went into the wild, not literally but figuratively. By the way, have you yet seen Into The Wild? No wonder Eddie won a golden globe for Guaranteed!

So now coming to the question, where have we been? I wasn’t learning much and there was stagnancy of sorts. But thankfully I developed the financial discipline in 2017 therefore had accumulated enough to survive me for last 5-6 months. September, I got disillusioned seeing that people are taking me as an expert on cryptocurrency after reading this post. Do you see the number of comments on that post? Everyday I used to get mails about asking me for advice on different cryptocurrencies and after reading each one of them, I used to slip into my slumber even more.

The process was going on for around a year and finally I landed up with my PR card in early December 2017. I will write a detailed post later on how I did it under the Express Entry Scheme. And last but not the least, I am in the process of starting my own business. So I would be living the entrepreneurial life once again and I am damn excited about it.

So that’s what has been keeping me busy. I apologize to everyone for such a long gap but I promise to be more regular in 2018. My next post is going to be about yearly financial plan that I create at the start of every year. It helps me manage my finances better and keeps me liquid at all times. Was I out of my Fucking mind to agree to early retirement? I get asked that question a lot! Were you out of your fucking mind that you agreed to Early Retirement?

So you mean to say that you will live poorly for next 12 years in order to not work for the rest of the life? Tell me how is that a wise decision? What will you guys do if you are not working? How would you sit at home when you have worked all through-out your life? Does he interfere in every bit?

What if you had decided not to go with this madness? These are some of the questions I get asked often since the time we started our journey of financial independence. So I thought to address them here once for all so that if any female gets asked these questions anywhere she can confidently answer. But before I jump on to shoot down these questions one by one, a little about me first. I am Prakriti Garg, a young working mother. I live in New Delhi, capital of India. Let’s go back to irritating questions.

Why did I agree to Early Retirement? So before I answer this question, do you know there is a term called FIRE? So before Early Retirement, there is a thing called Financial Independence. According to Wikipedia, financial independence is a state where you have enough personal wealth to live, without having to work for basic necessities. Hence first step to Early Retirement is attaining Financial Independence! Tell me who wouldn’t want it? In case you are wondering how did the number of 12 years come from, then read this.